The reviews are starting to come in and I am so happy that the new CD is getting so much love. Here are some of the things being said about Songbook of the Américas:
Always adventurous yet simultaneously wholly accessible, Kat Parra is a highly talented and very gifted musician.”
Jazz Mostly:

“Parra’s style is strong, sensitive and most of all accessible. Kat Parra wrote, performs on, and co-arranged many of the songs on this special musical journey that spans several musical styles with an adventurous spirit and cultural influences.”
AXS Entertainment by Paula Edelstein: LA Music Examiner:

Parra nails her bebop credentials in Wouldn’t It Be Sweet, an outstanding delivery of original lyrics, vocalese & scatting on Charlie Parker’s Au Privave.”
BeBop Spoken Here:

Songbook of the Américas is now available at, and iTunes

This latest review is just too fantastic, thorough and beautiful to not share here. Enjoy! Thank you Travis Rogers, Jr. for such a fantastic and thoughtful review!

The Jazz Owl by Travis Rogers, Jr.
“Songbook of the Americas is superb fun with splendid arrangements and sublime musical performances. Kat Parra, with Murray Low and other arrangers, have crafted an album of amazing traditional pieces, reframed within a Jazz setting, and delivered with exquisite virtuosity and passion.” To read the entire review, click the link and scroll down til you find me!

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