Here is a lovely review of our concert at the E Spot Lounge by Paula Edelstein

Kat Parra curates a collection of inspired experiences at the E Spot Lounge
By Paula Edelstein

Kat Parra and her band played a very impressionable set at the E Spot Lounge recently. Billed as the release concert for her fifth CD titled Songbook of the Americas (JazzMa Records), during  the nearly 90-minute set her band immersed the audience in timeless folk and jazz songs which featured Murray Low on piano, Masaru Koga on woodwinds, Daniel Foltz on drums and Jonathan Pintoff on acoustic bass.

Kat opened the evening with “(Four)Ever More” which is also the opening song on the recording. Singing in Spanish and English, her multi-octave vocals and new lyrics (written by her) were matched perfectly to  the music written by Eddie Vinson. Murray Low’s delightful Latin-tinged piano solo and the woodwinds of Masaru Koga also lent an upbeat ambience to the song. Charlie Parker’s “Wouldn’t It Be Sweet (Au Privave)” with new lyrics by Kat Parra was met with warm applause. Again, Masaru Koga made this song memorable with his soprano sax solo.

As the set continued, Kat offered snappy repartee about the women songwriters she was paying tribute to. Drummer Dan Folkes offered a different side to his percussive talents by playing the cajon during “Maria Lanoo.”  Sung in Spanish, Kat evoked the heartfelt memories of a woman who worked all of the time and had no time for herself. By contrast, the playful “Iko Iko” featured audience participation and an amazing flute solo by Masaru Koga.

Kat Parra sings beautifully and with the perfect balance of heartfelt emotions. Her version of “Besame Mucho” was as beautiful and dramatic as ever conceived.  After a gorgeous introduction on bamboo flute by Masaru Koga, Kat entered with spot on intonation, accentuation and elongated phrasings. At the end of the song the audience let the band know how much they appreciated this song with a robust round of applause.

She has learned to trust her feelings, defined her personal best, and reflected a local take on “Till There Was You,” “Feed My Desire,” Betty Carter’s “Please Do Something,” and “Mambo Italiano” which closed the band’s Los Angeles club debut with appreciative applause. Overall Kat Parra revealed her magic and bejeweled vocals that rang true in English and Spanish. Check out Songbook of the Americas to hear more of her artful singing.

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