Songbook of the Américas


Songbook of the Américas April 29, 2016

This CD is a beautiful and fun project that pays tribute to women composers from both North, Central and South America, as well as original music and lyrics penned by Parra.

  • 1 (Four)Ever More Lyrics

    (Four)Ever More - Lyrics

    (Four)Ever More ©2016
    All lyrics by Kat Parra
    Vocalese section inspired by Rumi’s poem, The Awakening

    When you walked in the room
    Oh, the scent of perfume was divine.
    Just the touch of your hand
    And I knew that one day you’d be mine

    Glowing stars and candlelight
    A romantic night
    Dancing ‘til dawn
    Quiet dreams, romantic scenes
    Flying high on wings
    Of love’s first song.

    As I gazed in your eyes
    I realized that I needed no more
    I saw into the depths
    Of a world never seen before

    In the midst of candlelight
    This romantic night
    Will haunt my dreams
    With a love so wonderful
    I know that you’ll
    Always love me
    (last time)
    (Four)Ever More

    It only took four kisses:
    To stir my senses
    To tickle my curiosity
    Four kisses to embrace your tenderness
    To awaken the love in me

    You breathe new life into my sleeping soul
    Igniting passions out of control
    Four kisses you gave to me
    Four kisses to set me free

    And to you I give forever kisses
    opening up my heart
    And to you I sing forever songs
    to orchestrate the start

    Slowly, slowly
    my kisses have found your lips
    Lighting a fire to your fingertips
    Breathing life into the “we”
    Forever you, forever me

    Cuatro besos yo te di
    Dame cuatro besos tu a mi

    Con cuátro besítos me despiertás
    Veo que quiero mucho mas

    Despertaste una gran pasión
    Con cuatro besos me diste la salvacion

    Tus labios me queman con un lindo fuego
    Antes de besarte era yo tan ciego

    Cuatro besitos, papi, yo te di
    Ahora me debes cuatro besos pa’ mi


  • 2 Do Something
  • 3 Wouldn’t It Be Sweet? (Au Privave) Lyrics

    Wouldn’t It Be Sweet? (Au Privave) - Lyrics

    Wouldn’t It Be Sweet (Au Privave) ©2016
    Music: Charlie Parker
    Lyrics: Kat Parra

    In the middle
    Of the moment
    I began to notice
    Flying sparks all around
    Painted birds
    On the ground
    Mystery of music
    The magic of rhythm
    Creates a myriad of sound
    Of joy
    Love will abound
    Oh, I must be really dreaming’

    Disciplines of nature
    Not revealed with great ease
    Open minds, if you please
    I am only searching for answers
    To questions
    To find the meaning of it all
    In time
    I will recall
    All the music of the ages

    Vocalese (Parker Solo):
    I have asked you many times
    If you could take a moment
    To answer my plea
    Even if it takes all day
    Even if you walk away
    I won’t give up tryin’ to remember
    What it was that led me to this place
    Of constant confusion
    Asking you just how we came to be.

    In a pinch
    It’s a cinch
    Playin’ games with my heart
    But you should know that
    I am waiting for moments
    To remind you of how we used to be
    So in love
    Could we go back there again
    Or could we start over
    Finding a new reason to love?
    The mystery of all this could be
    The path to making us complete
    Oh! Wouldn’t it be sweet?

  • 4 Dare to Dream (featuring Tuck & Patti) Lyrics

    Dare to Dream (featuring Tuck & Patti) - Lyrics

    Dare to Dream ©2016
    Kat Parra

    Feels like the wind
    Blowing on a sizzling day
    The warmth of the sun
    Taking all the chill away

    I have been shaped
    Caressed by the sea and shore
    Smoothing my body
    Into a woman wanting more

    It took a song
    A spirit reached inside of me
    Opened my heart
    Calling out for me to be free
    It took a song
    Awakening a beautiful scene
    I’ve waited so long
    Now I can Dare to Dream

    It became clear
    Life would never be the same
    I had to listen
    It was time for me to make a change

    Taking that chance
    To leap into the great unknown
    Trusting the process
    Knowing I am not alone

    Falling gently
    Into a warm embrace
    Finding myself
    With a smile upon my face

  • 5 María Landó
  • 6 Veinte Años
  • 7 Como La Cigarra (featuring María Márquez)
  • 8 Bésame Mucho
  • 9 Till There Was You (featuring Nate Pruitt)
  • 10 Dame La Mano
  • 11 Mambo Italiano