Performance Ensembles

“Kat is an amazingly fluid vocalist, harnessing an ability to carry listeners on a global voyage through music. The top notch musicians that she collaborates with provide both the solid foundation and the launching pad for her consistently mature body of work.”

~ Kevin Chen, Intersection for the Arts and Renee Baldocchi, deYoung Museum

Kat Parra Latin World Ensemble

Kat Parra has leapt beyond the boundaries of the typical latin jazz singer. With her thirst for the exploration of world rhythms and tonalities, she has developed a style of music that encompasses sounds that both transcend and bend the stereotypical definition of latin jazz. Utilizing the rich and varied tonalities of Latin America, the Middle East and Spain, Kat has created an engaging and unique repertoire with fresh and exciting new arrangements. Kat sings fluently in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Ladino (Judeo-Espanyol). With this multi-lingual and multi-musical experience, Kat Parra is able to transport her audiences to an exciting and vibrant journey of world and latin music. This music appeals to audiences who have an appreciation for Latin and World Jazz as well as audiences who have a love for rhythm and danceable sounds.

Instrumentation:Kat Parra: vocals, Murray Low: piano, Masaru Koga: woodwinds, Peter Barshay: bass and Paul van Wageningen: drums. If funds allow, percussion and violin can be added. The ensemble can be anywhere between 4-7 members.

“Kat Parra presented her newest project, The Sephardic Music Experience, to a very enthusiastic audience at the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival on May 23, 2009. Her innovative approach to Sephardic music and jazz, as well as her engaging stage presence, made for an extraordinary program. We look forward to having Ms. Parra back on our stages soon.”

~ Linda Lucero, Executive/Artistic Director, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

Kat Parra and The Sephardic Music Experience

Sephardic World Jazz – New arrangements of ancient secular music of the Spanish Jews incorporating world rhythms from Spain, North Africa, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, and the Caribbean, creating an exotic and passionate sound. The Sephardic Music Experience (SME) explores the rich and diverse history of Sephardic music and its influences from different regions of the world and brings community closer together through its vibrancy. Intrigued by the era in which this music was first performed; an era where Muslims and Jews lived together in relative peace, while sharing ideas and innovations with one another, has propelled Parra into further discovery of this rich musical history.  This project also aids in the preservation of the Ladino (Judeo-Espanyol) language, a dying language of the Spanish Jews.  The concert we present is enjoyable for audiences who have a love of jazz, World and Latin music, as well as those who are interested in the history of the Spanish Jews.

Instrumentation:Kat Parra: vocals, Murray Low: piano, Masaru Koga: woodwinds, Peter Barshay: bass and Paul van Wageningen: drums. If funds allow, percussion and violin can be added. The ensemble can be anywhere between 5-7 members


Private Lessons, Workshops and Master Classes

Private Voice Lessons

“Working with Kat has been a pleasure. When we first met, I was feeling physically disconnected from my singing and wanted to free up my sound and become less inhibited as a performer. In short order, Kat gave me insightful and effective guidance that helped me open up my sound and take more risks as an improviser. She’s also a great person!”

~ Lynea D.San Francisco, CA

Do you want to learn how to sing? Kat teaches voice lessons (in both English and Spanish) from her private home studio. She has many years of training and professional experience and tailors lessons to each individual voice. Kat is able to teach all singers, from beginners to professionals in all different styles.

Kat offers the following:
•    Learn how to develop vocal support through proper breathing.
•    Ear training, melody, range, developing your own unique style and more!
•    Learn to sing comfortably without strain or injury and how to perform with powerful engaging         stage presence from an instructor who regularly performs.
•    Learn to sing in a relaxed, fun and supportive environment where you can truly do your best,
even if you are shy or nervous about taking singing lessons.
•    If you want to be a better front man/woman for your band, or sing like a star at your wedding,
or if you just want to impress your friends at the karaoke bar, Kat can teach you how.

“When I first started with Kat Parra a few years ago my former coach had been gone a couple of years – and my voice was showing it! I was losing all I had worked so hard to gain. Kat quickly helped me with pitch problems and introduced me to contemporary techniques I had never worked with before. It was a grand adventure and gave me a valuable new perspective. I cannot recommend her more.”

~ John K.Richmond, CA

Are you?
•    A beginning singer searching to find your true voice?
•    An experienced vocalist wanting to develop your voice to its fullest, most resonant
and expressive level?
•    A professional seeking interpretive repertoire coaching?

Kat can offer all of this, tailored to your specific needs. Reasonable Rates, Flexible Times.
Email Kat for rates and for a lesson today!

Sing Like a Latin Jazz Diva! 2 hours

Kat’s musical style includes Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian, Brazilian and Spanish Sephardic influences as well as Jazz, all combined in a unique, sophisticated way and without compromising the integrity and depth of each musical genre.  Along with Kat Parra’s musical director, Murray Low, Kat will discuss how she approaches the interpretation of songs and demonstrate the different approaches necessary to correctly sing in different genres of music. She and Low will discuss the importance of rhythm in the music, spend time learning correct pronunciations in the different languages and learn how to communicate with other musicians in an ensemble setting.

Vocal Master’s Class (sing with your heart and soul)
1 1/2-2 hours

Each person’s voice is a unique instrument. After a warming up all the voices of the group (10 maximum), Kat will work individually with each member of the Master’s Class to help each singer tap into their own creative and heartfelt voice. Kat believes that everyone is capable of singing and, once one is able to get beyond the critical voices in one’s own head, he/she can open up to the power of song.

Latin Jazz Ensemble Master Class 1 1/2-2 hours

Attendees will be exposed to various ways in which the rich, complex harmonies and melodies of jazz can be combined with the advanced polyrhythms of Latin music. Jazz performers will better understand how to incorporate Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian concepts into their playing and repertoire, and vice versa. Murray Low will also discuss the correlative aspects of vocal accompaniment, not just piano accompaniment, but for all instruments. All are encouraged to bring in their instruments as we may have a participatory combo session at the end of class, time permitting.

Expressive Arts Workshop: Creating a Symphony through Sound and Movement
2 hours

Kat Parra is a certified Expressive Arts Practioner. Expressive Arts workshops allow the participant to explore creativity in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Through the use of meditation, movement, poetry, art and music the participant is invited to tap into their deepest realms of creativity. This particular workshop focusses on building community through creative group activities. Please contact Kat for a more in-depth curriculum and for other themed workshops in the Expressive Arts.